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Marvel Studios and Walt Disney Motion Pictures’ Doctor Strange 2: In The Multiverse Of Madness movie releases on May 6. If you are willing to know what’s the storyline of this movie or what is happening in the movie then here we have everything about Doctor Strange 2022 movie plot and complete storyline so you can better understand what happened in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Movie.

So film’s storyline starts as:

Stephen Strange ( Benedict Cumberbatch) attends his ex-fiance Christine Palmer’s (Rachel McAdams) wedding where Strange apologizes to Christine and tells each other that they are both happy.

Suddenly, an invisible creature attacks the city and is confronted by Strange, who reveals the creature as an interdimensional octopus. When Strange is overpowered, Wong, who is now Sorcerer Supreme due to Strange being Blipped for five years, joins the fight and the two eventually kill the creature while saving a girl, who introduces herself as America Chavez (Xochitl Gomez).


Chavez explains she has the ability to travel through the multiverse and those other creatures are after her power including Stephen Strange, who attempted to take her power while protecting her from the octopus which Strange also dreamt about.

Chavez takes Strange and Wong to Strange’s body and Strange deduces he uses witchcraft.

Strange meets with Wanda Maximoff (Elizabeth Olsen), who has already been taken over by the Darkhold and converted into the Scarlet Witch.

After Strange tells Maximoff about Chavez, she intends on using Chavez to take her power to be with her children Billy and Tommy whom she created during her time in Westview.


Strange refuses to give her to Maximoff, so she attacks Kamar-Taj. During the attack, Chavez’s powers are triggered and she and Strange escape in a portal, leaving Wong behind in Maximoff’s captivity. Maximoff begins to conduct a dark hold spell known as “dream walking”, to find a Wanda with Billy and Tommy across the multiverse and take over her body.

Strange and Chavez end up in an alternate universe, designated as “Earth-838”, where they are arrested by this universe’s Mordo. Strange meets this universe’s Christine who designates his Earth as “Earth-616”. Mordo takes Strange to the Illuminati, consisting of Mordo, Peggy Carter, Black Bolt, Monica Rambeau, Reed Richards, and Charles Xavier.

They explain how their Strange became selfish and reckless after defeating their Thanos, leading the Illuminati to kill him, making Mordo the new Sorcerer Supreme.

The Illuminati then claim that Strange-616 is also dangerous. Maximoff arrives and attacks the Illuminati headquarters, killing Black Bolt, Richards, Rambeau, and Carter.

Xavier enters the Scarlet Witch’s mind and finds Maximoff. He fails to free her from Scarlet Witch, who kills Xavier, although Strange, Chavez, and Christine have already escaped.

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The trio enters the space between universes where they go after the Book of Ishanti, which they intend to use to defeat Maximoff, however, she catches up and attacks Chavez, who opens another portal which Strange and Christine enter. Maximoff takes Chavez prisoner and begins a spell on her.

Strange and Christine enter an almost destroyed universe where Strange meets another Strange.

Strange kills this universe’s Strange and takes his Darkhold to dream walk into Chavez’s Strange’s deceased body and go after Maximoff. Maximoff enters another Wanda’s body although she realizes her children are happy with this mother and decides to kill herself.

Strange, Chavez, and Wong return to Earth-616 as Christine-838 returns to her home. Chavez begins training at Kama-Taj.

In the aftermath, Strange develops the third eye and is approached by a sorcerer who invites him to avert an incursion in the dark dimension.

In a short conclusion, In this film, Doctor Strange and his allies travel into the multiverse to protect a young girl from Wanda Maximoff, who will stop at nothing to take back her own sons at all costs.

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